Aromatherapy is helpful for a range of issues including: Insomnia; hair loss; headaches; digestive disorders; PMT and all menstrual cycle issues; depression/anxiety; pain management; physical and emotional tension and stress; post surgery recovery; bereavement and loss; sinus problems; all skin disorders.


60 minutes – £50
90 minutes – £75

In ancient times, in the East, people visited their ‘physician’ not when they were ill, but when they were well in order to maintain their good health. Physicians then were mainly acupuncturists and their aim was to keep the bodily systems healthy by regular treatment of all the pressure points around the body, ensuring good blood and lymphatic circulation, as this is critical to reducing illness.

If we could keep our blood circulating freely and the lymph moving at its correct speed around the body then illness would be greatly reduced. But how many of us have a perfect circulatory system in today’s world where the majority of us live such sedentary lifestyles and have incorrect diets? The result of all this is that the blood and lymph have greater difficulty flowing around our bodies evenly and the toxins and waste carried by the venous and lymphatic systems cannot be eliminated quickly enough by natural means, so they escape into the body tissues, causing disturbances in the bodily systems and organs – causing stress to our organs and body systems.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils, to promote physical and emotional well-being. The therapy can be used in various ways (e.g. baths, inhalations, compresses and massage). But, here at the Holistic Therapy Centre, the therapist uses a very gentle form of face and body massage, enabling the client’s skin to absorb the essential oils, which in turn enter into the client’s bloodstream and their lymphatic system. The essential oils then help to detox and de-stress the body systems and organs with the aim of restoring balance and ultimately bring better health to the client. Essential oils also have a direct effect on the mind – depending on which oils are selected by the therapist; an essential oil can relax or stimulate the mind as well as have a positive input on a client’s mental attitude.

At the Holistic Therapy Centre, the essential oils are carefully selected by the therapist to suit the client’s needs – we do not use pre-mixed aromatherapy oils. The chosen essential oils are mixed with a base massage oil, which is applied over the body and the face with gentle massage techniques.

An Aromatherapy massage is specifically designed to be relaxing and gentle, encouraging the oils to be directly absorbed through the client’s skin into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Please be aware that this form of massage is not and cannot be deep tissue massage.

Before beginning the Aromatherapy massage, the therapist will discuss which areas of the body and face the client wishes to have massaged taking into account the time available for the treatment – there is no set procedure. So, if a client is uncomfortable with a particular part of his or her body or face being massaged, then this can be worked around in the session. Every Aromatherapy massage is tailor made to the client’s needs.

Once the Aromatherapy massage is complete, the client is encouraged not to shower off the oils for at least 12 hours, as this allows for further absorption into the circulatory systems. And the client is encouraged not to drink caffeine or alcohol or take any stimulants for at least 12 hours following an Aromatherapy massage, as this will prevent the essential oils detoxing and de-stressing the body.

Aromatherapy is available to both men and women here at the Holistic Therapy Centre.

To arrange a consultation or to book a treatment:


Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Weekday, evening and Saturday appointments are available on request.
Sunday closed


A 50% fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and any appointments missed will be charged at full price.


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