Energy Healing Therapy is helpful for many issues including: Allergies; addictions; anxiety; arthritis; asthma/respiratory problems; back pain; bereavement and loss; chronic fatigue syndrome/ME; cysts; depression; digestive disorders including IBS; eczema and all skin conditions; emotional issues; headaches; hormonal imbalances; infertility; insomnia; menstrual cycle issues; migraines; post surgery recovery; PTSD; rheumatism; stress; ulcers.


90 minutes – £47
60 minutes (remote) – £37

It has been scientifically proven that there is an energy field, which surrounds every living being (also known as ‘Chi’ or our ‘Aura’), and our bodies feed off this energy field through our energy centres/vortices (or chakras). Our energy fields reflect a person’s health and wellbeing – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

When our energy field is balanced and flowing well in and around our body, our health on all levels is good and we are happy, content and go through life with a positive outlook. However, when this energy field becomes blocked or unbalanced, our health and wellbeing is negatively affected – we become ill, tired, depressed and tend to attract yet more negativity into our lives.

So what makes our energy fields or our energy centres blocked?

Imagine the human energy system as a free-flowing river: rocks and boulders occasionally fall into it and disrupt the flow. This metaphorically, is what happens to us as we go through life. These ‘rocks’ or energy blocks represent anxieties, stress, unhappiness, injuries, accidents and physical, mental or emotional traumas, and each one causes our free-flowing energy system to slow down or stagnate, putting us at risk of developing acute or chronic physical, emotional or psychological health problems.

It is really important that we regularly ‘remove’ these blocks from our energy field to keep a free flowing energy system, which in turn keeps us healthy, happy and positive. It’s a very simple and logical approach to our health and wellbeing.

During an Energy Healing session, the therapist disperses any blocks (using Tai Chi movements around the client) encouraging a positive flow of energy to return to the client’s energy field, which in turn restores healing throughout the body right down to the cellular level. Once the blocks are cleared in each session, the practitioner balances and grounds the client before completing the treatment.

It is worth noting that it is the natural instinct of the body to heal itself via its own immune system. Therefore if this healing energy is always present within us, it follows that if an Energy Healing therapist can remove whatever is preventing us from receiving healing from our own immune system, then our health will definitely improve.

Energy Healing Therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy, suitable for clients of all ages. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session. There is no physical manipulation and only limited physical contact with the client. And unlike some other holistic therapies, Energy Healing Therapy can be used as a relaxing, safe and supportive therapy alongside any medical treatment or holistic therapy.

Please Note: Clients are asked to commit to a minimum of four Energy Healing Therapy sessions per issue/problem, as there are four critical stages of healing which need to be allowed to take place. And although it is usual for people to be aware of subtle changes after only one session, deep-seated energy blocks may take several sessions to break down and clear.

The therapy requires no oils or special equipment yet the results can be astonishing, from the welcome sense of peace and wellbeing, to the profound relief of chronic pain. Clients may experience a variety of sensations during a session, such as tingling, heat, cold, a feeling of lightness and a deep sense of relaxation.

There are three main types of response to Energy Healing Therapy:
• An immediate improvement in health, often with significant cessation of pain
• No obvious change, but a later realisation that the ailment has gradually faded away
• An apparent, slight deterioration (often referred to as a ‘healing crisis’) as the body adjusts to the changed energy flow

All of these responses are good and a clear indication that the blockages are being broken down and cleared.


Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Weekday, evening and Saturday appointments are available on request.
Sunday closed


A 50% fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and any appointments missed will be charged at full price.



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