Energy Healing Therapy is helpful for many issues including: All types of pain; allergies; addictions; anxiety; arthritis; asthma/respiratory problems; back pain; bereavement and loss; chronic fatigue syndrome/ME; cysts; depression; digestive disorders including IBS; eczema and all skin conditions; emotional issues; headaches; hormonal imbalances; infertility; insomnia; menstrual cycle issues; migraines; post surgery recovery; PTSD; rheumatism; stress; ulcers.


90 minutes – £55
Distant/Remote Healing – £30

Energy Healing Therapy should not be confused in any way with Faith or Spiritual Healing. It is a very different therapy.  

What is Energy Healing Therapy? Energy Healing Therapy (EHT) is unique among “alternative” or complementary treatments and works on the principle that it’s aim is to realise the full potential of the individual, ensuring he/she enjoys good health and lives life with happiness and dignity. EHT works by releasing pain, tension, emotion, and/or trauma which has become stuck in the body, by activating the individual’s own deeply inherent ability to heal itself. Everyone possesses the ability to heal themselves, but in most cases this ability lies dormant for some reason.

Generally, it is this ability to heal oneself that tends to be ignored by conventional medical treatment, which often still regards the human being as made up of a series of individual parts, one or more of which has broken down and needs fixing with drugs. Patients are “separated” from their backgrounds and other influences (eg emotional trauma, emotional instability, physical insecurity, etc) which may have been the cause of their illness in the first place. 

In order to understand what EHT is, and how it works, the single most important requirement is an open mind on the part of the client when receiving the therapy. Accepting that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye (Quantum Physics asks the same of us) and an acceptance that we are all surrounded by an energy field.  We don’t need blind faith to accept that, as there is sufficient scientific evidence proving the existence of an energy field contained within and surrounding the human body. There is also scientific evidence to prove that this energy field (also known as “Chi” or “Aura”) can be manipulated and changed in such a way as to affect the health of an individual. 

Our bodies continually feed off this energy field.  And our energy fields reflect a person’s health and wellbeing – physically, emotionally and psychologically. When our energy field is balanced and flowing well in and around our body, our health on all levels is good, we are happy and go through life with a positive outlook. However, when this energy field is blocked or unbalanced, our health and wellbeing is negatively affected – we become unwell, tired, depressed and tend to attract yet more negativity and/or illness to our lives.

What makes our energy fields blocked? As we go through our lives, some not so good things happen to us which can affect our physical and mental/emotional health in a negative way by causing “blocks” to our energy system. Things like anxieties, stress, unhappiness, injuries, accidents, and physical, mental or emotional traumas – they can all cause “blocks” in our energy system.  Each “block” causes our free-flowing energy system to slow down or stagnate, putting us at risk of developing acute or chronic physical, emotional or psychological health problems. 

If you imagine our energy system as a river following it’s natural path; pebbles, earth and rocks occasionally fall into it and disrupt it’s flow, or in extreme cases stagnate the flow altogether – this is in effect what happens to our energy systems each time we experience traumas, accidents, stress, etc.  

To keep ourselves positive emotionally and physically and in an optimum state of health, it’s vital to remove these blocks from our energy field, restoring it’s continuous natural flow in and around our bodies.

How many sessions will I need? Clients are asked to commit to a course of EHT sessions in order to achieve the best results from the therapy.  Ideally having weekly sessions to begin with. The number of sessions required is entirely dependent on how chronic and how many issues a client presents with. This is discussed after the first EHT session. EHT practitioners treat everyone as a unique individual and so is the rate at which they heal. 

In the first session, the client is asked to give a list of every problem/symptom they would like addressed. This is what the therapist starts to work with on the client.  During each EHT session, the therapist starts to disperse the “blocks” which are causing the client’s symptoms as and when the body feels ready to let the “blocks” go – some may be released in the first session, some may be released weeks or months later, depending on how deep-rooted or traumatic they are.  We all heal at different rates.

After the first session, a client would expect to have respite from their symptoms for approx 24 hours; after the second session the respite would last approx 2-3 days; after the third session the respite would last approx 4-5 days and so on.  When the client can maintain a good level of health and respite from their symptoms up to 7 days between sessions, the sessions can then be spaced out to fortnightly or monthly appointments until the client feels their list of issues and symptoms have been cleared. 

It is completely understandable if a client isn’t able to commit to the initial weekly sessions, in which case, a different programme can be set up, but the healing process will take a little longer. 

What is the cost of each session? In order to get the best from this therapy, it’s important for clients who choose EHT to alleviate their symptoms long term, to invest in a course of EHT sessions (paid for individually). With this in mind, I try to keep the cost of each appointment as affordable as possible, which is why the cost of EHT sessions are proportionately less than the other holistic therapies I offer at the Holistic Therapy Centre. 

NB. Energy Healing Therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy, suitable for clients of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session. There is no physical manipulation and only limited physical contact with the client. Unlike some other holistic therapies, Energy Healing Therapy can be used as a relaxing, safe and supportive therapy alongside any medical treatment or any other holistic therapy, because it is has no contra-indications.

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A 50% fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and any appointments missed will be charged at full price.


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