Early Summer Days at Oak Tree

Definitely coming into warmer and balmier summer days here at Oak Tree Farm.  The apple blossom on the fruit trees in our orchard looks spectacular against the vivid lime green of the new leaves.  The days are much longer now and there are lots of baby rabbits running around on the lawn and in the fields.

Our two pet sheep (Joyce and Peggy) have thankfully been sheared this week and are feeling much more energetic now that they’ve lost their thick winter coats. They are also looking lovely, clean and trim without the weight of their woolen coats and are back to having their mad hour in the late afternoon, where they chase each other around the field and literally bounce off the ground with all four feet in mid-air with excitement whilst still running! They are hilarious to watch.

Smartie, our 15 year old horse (and their companion) just watches them with his long withering look of “I don’t know … the youth of today”.

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