A client who had overwhelming feelings of guilt and this was seriously affecting her health. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

I have to admit I was quite sceptical about this treatment working for me, but after only four sessions (in spite of always arriving totally stressed out and in a rush to get the treatment over and done with so that I could rush back to work) I was completely amazed how it’s changed my life and sorted out my health problems.

I’ve experienced the most amazing and empowering visualisations during my four Energy Healing sessions.  I’ve found my voice again after so many years of feeling guilty and always trying to keep everyone in my family happy. I’ve even had the courage to speak out about my own feelings, which I haven’t been able to do for ages. It’s given me an overwhelming sense of freedom and empowerment as well as sorting out the health issues I’ve been having with my bowels.

I’m also seriously considering selling my business now and creating space and time for myself to evaluate my future – whether that is finding a less demanding and less stressful business to run, or moving out of the area, I honestly don’t yet know.  But I know it’s important for me to allow myself the space and time to think all the options through before making a final decision that’s right for me.



A client, who has lived with ME/CFS for a number of years. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

Energy Healing Therapy was a new concept to me – which I approached with an open mind – not knowing what to expect. I have lived with ME/CFS for several years – a condition that according to the medical profession does not really have a cure.

Over the course of the last year the healing sessions have really improved my condition and my energy levels have increased substantially. The healing seems to work on many levels and has impacted on other areas of my life helping to resolve long held/old traumas without having to relive the experiences.

I have found Energy Healing works in a subtle way, and continues working long after the treatments, but has brought about powerful changes to my health and emotional wellbeing. Jane is a very intuitive and compassionate healer.



A client experiencing dizziness, shakes, IBS, exhaustion. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

Thank you so much for everything! I have never ever met a therapist of any kind who has made me feel as comfortable as you have. After our last session (fourth) together I feel like a new woman! My body feels lighter than I can remember feeling for years, and I feel glowing and full of energy again. Even people around me have noticed and said that I am looking “zingy” again.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for helping me get to the root of my problems, and don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t met you. I thought the rest of the winter would be a struggle for me, but now I’m out with my friends, which is something I haven’t felt well enough to do for months and months (and I didn’t feel drained after). Thank you for giving me back my life and my old, happy self.

I have found Energy Healing works in a subtle way, and continues working long after the treatments, but has brought about powerful changes to my health and emotional wellbeing. Jane is a very intuitive and compassionate healer.



A client diagnosed with terminal cancer. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

Having been diagnosed with terminal secondary breast cancer in my lungs, liver and bones, I was determined to beat it by all means available. I contacted Jane Ioannou for some Energy Healing Therapy and after only one session I felt physically much better and more in charge of myself. Jane did emphasise that the therapy would not cure me, but could show me how to use my body’s energy to help myself and take control of my life. After three sessions with Jane and daily energy meditations of my own, I went for a CT scan and the results showed that my lung cancer had stopped growing and the fluid was reduced and the cancer in my liver and bones had also reduced.

In November 2014, I couldn’t walk 100 yards without being breathless and tired, but now I am able to walk up to 5 miles and my physical and mental states have improved no end. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Jane for her dedication to improving my health and quality of life and would recommend her to anybody with health problems.



A client who was invalided out of the British Army with PTSD. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

When I met Jane, I was having severe nightmares due to my PTSD, I was sofa-surfing as I had no fixed home and I was unemployed – nobody seemed to want to give me a job even though I was applying for about 5 a week. I felt alone and invisible and was at rock bottom emotionally. After just 2 Energy Therapy sessions, I started to feel more positive about myself and after the third session, I was offered a permanent job. I continued having 2 sessions a week for a month and in that time I started to sleep better and was less exhausted. It’s taken longer for the horrific nightmares to go, but after about a year of monthly sessions they are starting to go now and I feel much more in control of my life. I have a permanent home with a loving and supportive girlfriend, a good job and have started to turn my life around.



A client, who felt overwhelmed with life and has lived with chronic fatigue for a number of years. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

I have had quite a traumatic life, including two abusive marriages, and being a single parent in between. I have therefore seen many therapists and counselors over the years and nothing ever seemed to work.

So, when I went to see Jane I must admit to thinking ‘here I go again, wasting more hard earned money’ but I desperately needed help. I had chronic fatigue and felt overwhelmed with life.

What I love about Jane’s treatment is you get to have a chat and she will listen and unlike most therapists, is able to offer sound advice and put things into perspective. Her healing is utterly amazing, I have never experienced anything like it and one particular session was really quite weird and the whole of the inside of my body began to shake like jelly on a plate. I then started to sob like a small child. I have no idea what went on, but I felt so much lighter afterwards and so much brighter and happier.

This energy healing is incredibly powerful and I now see Jane every so often for a top up. I can highly recommend her to anyone.



A client, who needed help for her very sick cat. Received Remote Energy Healing Therapy.

Jane healed my cat, who was attacked by a ferocious dog – many visits to the vets and £1000 later she was dying. She sat on my landing for 3 days and nights, not eating, drinking or moving. She looked in enormous pain. Jane told me to sit with her a 6 o’clock while she did a remote energy healing on her. Jane told me she might not be able to save her, but that her passing would be more peaceful. I sat with my cat during the healing session and then went downstairs to watch the television. Half an hour later, there was a scratch at the door and my cat walked in, ate her food, had a drink and went outside to play! I couldn’t believe it!



A client, who had trouble swallowing for years and lived on an almost solid free diet. Received Reflexology.

For years I wasn’t able to swallow solid food and lived on a liquid or mush diet – I was miserable. I’d been to the doctors and consultants on many occasions and they just couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with me. In the end they put me on anti-depressants, which didn’t really help. As a last resort, I went to Jane for some Reflexology. I didn’t really have any expectations that it would work, but I had nothing to lose. The Reflexology session was very relaxing and Jane gave me some exercises to do on myself at home. After just 4 sessions and keeping up with the homework Jane had set me, I started to be able to swallow small bits of solid food and after just 3 months I was back to eating normally again without any difficulties at all. As a result I was much happier and I asked my doctor to take me off anti-depressants, which he was happy to do under his guidance.



A client, who had quite congested skin. Received Holistic Facial.

Loved this facial. Very relaxing, lovely products, which smelt amazing. My skin looked and felt FAB afterwards. Will definitely go back for more.



A client who had been suffering from a chronic throat infection and lack of energy. Received Energy Healing Therapy.

The first thing that I really noticed was Jane’s fabulous clinic space. Really bright and warm with such a fantastic feel, you just know you’re in a safe, harmonious place. The treatment itself was really powerful. I’d had Reiki before but this was very different and I felt there had really been an energetic shift in me. I felt exhausted after each treatment, which I know is not always the best feeling but I welcomed it as I knew my body had gone through a healing process. Jane really made me feel comfortable right from the off and you can tell she is a very accomplished and experienced practitioner. I would also really urge people to commit to the recommended four treatments as you do see a change after each one. I’m so glad to have met Jane as she has had a very positive impact on my life at a time when I needed some positivity.



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